Welcome to Pet Portraits by Rosemarie Donaldson

From the get-go, Hampshire based Pet Portraits have been winning the hearts’ of numerous pet enthusiasts through beautiful animal portraits.The pet portrait shaping studio works with oil-paints and sketches. It is seated on a lush grazing farm filled with a variety of domestic animals.

Rosemary Donaldson’s yearning for dogs, rabbits, cats, horses, hamsters, guinea pigs, and snakes never ceases to kindle. With her close fondness towards traditions, togetherness, and treasures, Pet Portraits have come along a long way to making moments truly memorable. Her workshop team is made of art specialists delivering beautiful pet portraits for special times – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas evenings, or perhaps calling on to celebrate an evening for a lovely pet.

The studio owner has always carried a natural approach to her art by featuring animals in candid forms. Miss Donaldson relies on relaxed flow of thoughts and emotions bound together with an intense sense of zeal and refinement. Sitting on her comfortable chair, she is surrounded with an abundance of smiling pets and the shy wilds. They create a scintillating urge into her soul and drive her into a free flowing intrusion of art and affection.Her Pet Portraits are a humble frame of moments, magic, and memories. One truly feels the magic of affection and compassion in her beautiful animal portraits and can feel the warmth on a timeless note. That’s where we seek a profound bliss of our association with pets. They aren’t just pets or beautiful animal portraits, they are a lasting saga of impressions that lasts for a lifetime.

Rosemarie says;

“I started pet portraits in 1979 and my busiest time is the run up to Christmas, I think a portrait of your pet as a present must be the best gift of all, it is something you can keep forever and in a way immortalizes your beloved dog, cat or horse. I have even painted the portraits of tortoises and guinea pigs and hedgehogs for people, a prize Jacob ram and some Highland cattle and some unusual breeds of cats and dogs. I have never painted a snake, but I would if asked. I have always helped animal charities, and donated paintings and designed cards for them too.”