Welcome to Pet Portraits by Rosemarie Donaldson

Painted in oils or sketched. Beautiful portraits of your animals with a true likeness guaranteed. A pet portrait is a fantastic gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just to celebrate a much treasured pet.

Rosemarie Donaldson is a highly skilled artist with great empathy for all animals, and this is reflected in the warmth of her superb portraits. Rosemarie lives on a farm in Hampshire and her studio overlooks paddocks where palomino pony Pablo grazes.

All types of animals can be sketched or painted. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Hamsters or any pet you may keep.

Rosemarie says;

“I started pet portraits in 1979 and my busiest time is the run up to Christmas, I think a portrait of your pet as a present must be the best gift of all, it is something you can keep forever and in a way immortalizes your beloved dog, cat or horse. I have even painted the portraits of tortoises and guinea pigs and hedgehogs for people, a prize Jacob ram and some Highland cattle and some unusual breeds of cats and dogs. I have never painted a snake, but I would if asked. I have always helped animal charities, and donated paintings and designed cards for them too.”