In Remembrance of Past Dogs

Champers, my lovely Retriever x terrier, I taught him everything, from collecting the mail to bringing me trowels when I was gardening and fetching my car keys. He sadly died from Cancer when he was just over 11 years old on Nov 20th 1989.
This is Bruce, another Collie/Shepherd x, who was about 7 yrs when I took him on. He had known much sadness and was very nervous, but we worked on it and he became very confident and we moved to Devon which he loved and made many friends, both human and canine, he even befriended a young Badger who sometimes accompanied us along the stream in North Bovey. He died from a stroke in 2002 just before Christmas.
This is Hayley, a Wire Haired Fox Terrier who was owned by my Mother, a very bossy little dog but very lovable even though she ruled the house! She used to play with my two dogs Champers and Brandy and they treated her with great respect, all dog groomers refused to trim her because she was so stubborn and would get snappy, in the end I had to groom her on my lap! Hayley had health problems all her life, ear problems, skin problems and eventually had cancer in her tail which the vet had to remove. Sadly, the cancer had spread by then and she was put to sleep in July 1989 and we buried her in my parents garden.
This is Missy, a West Highland x Jack Russell bitch whom I took on after she wasn’t wanted by her previous owner. She was only 5 months old and when I went to see her she came straight up to me with the waggliest tail I had ever seen, I had to take her home! We lived in Devon and it was March 2003. Later that year I sold up and we went to France where I was involved in a bad car crash, Missy was unhurt but my car was written off and I was on crutches! We came back to England and lived here on the farm for the rest of Missy’s life, she loved it here and came everywhere with me. Unfortunately when she was only 8 years old she developed an aggressive type of cancer and within weeks I had to make that awful decision and have her put to sleep, she was such a sweet dog and I still miss her.
Brandy, my Collie x German Shepherd, a beautiful dog. This photo was taken at a wild west show, it was Brandys first weekend out after spending 6 months in quarantine when we came back from Australia for two years. he loved being out enjoying himself again. Brandy lived until he was almost 15 when he collapsed on a walk in 1995, he spent the night at the vets, but sadly didn’t recover.