My studio is like my den, my own space, where I can get totally absorbed in whatever painting I am working on. It is at the far end of the house and has a stable door, the top part of the door is almost always open even in winter, and looks out over paddocks where Pablo my Palomino pony grazes with his companion Loppy. It is a peaceful setting and North facing, the light is perfect for painting. I have always painted in oils, but during the last two years I have also painted in water colour which I also enjoy, and of course watercolours dry much more quickly than oils. I love sketching, very detailed sketches of animal head studies and scenery, I start in pencil and sometimes finish them in pen and ink. Most of my portraits are done to order from photographs people send me, but I have also painted some animals just because I thought they were beautiful, or because they were one of my own, or as a present for a friend or family member. I sometimes paint people and have done horse and rider portraits too. So, my studio is an important place to me, somewhere where I can get totally wrapped up and lost in my own wonderful world of animals and art.