I had to drop you a quick line to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with your portrait of my horse, Daydream Dancer. You have really captured every aspect and characteristic of her, so accurately, she seems to come alive and follow me around the room. Thank you very much for providing me with something of real beauty which will give me years of pleasure long after her racing days are over. – Fintan Hearty
I would like to express my absolute and total delight in your portrait of my beloved Gonzo cat. Somehow you have managed to totally embody his spirit and it is as if he is still alive. His portrait hangs in our hallway and every visitor has commented upon the life like manner in which his eyes follow you. You have a rare talent which I much appreciate. – Geoff Sloma
I am just writing a few lines to express my deepest thanks for all your efforts in producing such a beautiful portrait of my dog Alfie. You managed to capture his character of regal yet mischievous wonderfully and the detail in the painting is him down to the last brush stroke. The most amazing thing is the talent in making the portrait come alive through his eyes. He now has pride of place on my living room wall and I spend a lot of time just looking at it in awe. What a pure pleasure. I am now asking if you would do a picture of my in-laws late dog Dollar so that I may give it to them as a Christmas present as I would love for them to have the same pleasure in remembering their beloved friend. – Helen Went
I am proud to have had this picture for so long, (as our friendship I think) It always reminds me of our many excursions into the horse and film world, and has now travelled with me to Spain, where it hangs in my Cortijo. What I love most about the picture is the feeling you get that the horses are there in front of you galloping through the water. My father, who was a talented artist, always said to me that the most difficult thing to paint was a persons hands, my own view is that one of the hardest things to capture in a painting is water, the way that you have used your brush strokes in this oil painting to capture the movement of the horses through the water is exemplary. – Steve Eagles
I am so pleased with the painting of Dollar. I had a party the other evening. Dollars picture was so admired by all the guests, they all commented on the way you had captured, both in colours and even in personality. One person said “its uncanny how her picture is her”. You see Dollar was in the room enjoying the party, eating the odd sausage roll, etc. Once again thank you so much. – Clive Peters
Thank you so much for the portraits of my dogs, Raffles, Raani and Bangle, they arrived safely this morning. I am delighted with them, you have captured not only their physical appearance but also their canine “souls”. I am just about to go into town to arrange for mounting and framing. These pictures will make a splendid Christmas present for my wife, and will I am sure, be much admired by our visitors. – Tom Von Pokorny
I would like to say a huge Thank You to Rosemarie for her wonderful portrait of “Freddie”, our seven month old spoodle. We live in Sydney, Australia and so the painting was done purely from photo’s that we sent her. Natural gift and talent has captured everything special about our much loved dog. It is something that has pride of place in our home. I cannot recommend her paintings highly enough. – Deb
I feel compelled to write to you to express my delight in the portraits you have painted for my dogs, both past and present. Sadly my bearded collie Muffin is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on with your work. You have captured his mischievous personality with such skill and accuracy. As regards Teddy, his successor, you have really replicated his cheeky puppy innocence to a very high degree. – Shirley Major
To have captured not only one of our darling dogs so perfectly in 1998, but all three of them in 2000 (mother and twins) was a feat beyond belief, way above our wildest imaginings. The individuality and personality of each dog was beautifully recreated by Rosemarie on canvas. Over the intervening years too, our dear little dogs have been subject of some very special Christmas cards, each one bearing the distinctive R A Donaldson hallmark! – Ann and Andrew White
Thank you very much for my painting of Abbi. The attention to detail is so good, especially the expression in the eyes, it couldn’t be any other dog. – Gina
Over the years you have painted many of my horses and dogs, many of them long gone now, but the pleasure of them lives on in their portraits. You have imortalised them. Many many thanks to you. – D Goody
I want to tell you how pleased we are with the paintings we commissioned you to carry out. The portrait of our two cats, Willie and Jamie, and one of our late Labrador Lucy gaze down at us on our dining room walls giving us lasting memories and pleasure. Also the two hunting miniatures we bought from you at an exhibition, and which hang in the hall, we also love, and are greatly admired by many of our friends. Thank you once again. – Gwen and Cliff
A little note to let you know how thrilled we were to see the portraits of Cariad & Polly (now departed). It will be a wonderful reminder to us of our beautiful girls! Also the latest one of Megan who is still “the light of our lives”, thank you so much for your paintings. – Chris and Eileen Conlan
In 1980 following the sudden and tragic loss of my horse Minstrel, I decided to commission a painting of him. I felt that I did not possess the one perfect photograph that seemed to be able to reflect his qualities. You accepted the challenging task of capturing his likeness on canvas. My delight in the finished painting and the ongoing pleasure it gives me can be measured by the fact that I have returned to you again and again to commission portraits. Pictures of my horses line the walls of my sitting room and rekindle pleasant memories past and present. To me your talent and empathy as an artist to interpret photographs and listen to my feelings and wishes about how the painting should look shine through the finished work. Recently you completed an oil painting of Sleepy Time Rose having first painted her as a foal with her mother. In this latest venture we communicated via the internet, about the progress and final adjustments of the painting. Thank you. – Heather
I just wanted to write and say thank you personally for the beautiful painting of my two dogs. The whole process went smoother than I could have imagined. I was surprised and relieved to be kept up to date with pictures of the painting as it moved from one stage to the next. The final painting is a brilliant likeness and from start to finish this was completed within 2 weeks. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. – Anon
Rosemarie, your kindness is overwhelming and your talent amazing. After reading my letter in the press recently, you painted a stunning portrait of my late Border Collie, Pip, with only the newspaper photo to work from. I shall treasure it always. Thank you so very much. – Pauline Gosling
  I was delighted to receive all your beautiful paintings and drawings, and your kind donation in addition. I didn’t Imagine that you would send so many – it is very generous of you. All the staff have been admiring them and we are looking forward to seeing them in print on our merchandise. It is extremely kind of you to allow us to use them for cards, notelets etc for the sanctuary. We will of course make sure your name is credited as the artist. We are sometimes asked if we sell towels or fridge magnets, so perhaps this is the beginning of a new range. Thank you for supporting our work. – Rosemary Kind – Founder and Trustee Mare & foal Sanctuary